Air passengers say that her luggage has been missing for almost a month

Air passengers say that her luggage has been missing for almost a month

  • A passenger traveling from Atlanta to Copenhagen via Toronto says that her luggage has been lost for 28 days.
  • Nancy Gaines told Insider she had spent hundreds of dollars on calls trying to find the bags.
  • Gaines and her mother are now back in Atlanta, but their bags have still not been returned to them.

An airline passenger who booked a flight from Atlanta to Copenhagen via Toronto, says that her and her mother’s bags have been missing for almost a month.

Nancy Gaines told Insider that she had spent hundreds of hours and dollars on international calls to both Air Canada and KLM in her attempt to track down the missing luggage.

Gaines said she planned to take a 14-day cruise with her 80-year-old mother who left Copenhagen on June 22.

But when Gaines and his mother’s first flight to Toronto Pearson International Airport on June 21, operated by Air Canada, was delayed, they missed the connecting flight to Copenhagen, operated by KLM.

Gaines said that Air Canada rebooked them to a plane that departed the next day to Bergen, Norway, where the cruise was to stop. When they arrived in Norway on June 23, however, they discovered that none of their bags had made the journey.

An Air Canada spokesman told Insider that they only traded directly with customers, but said the airline was “working hard” with third-party partners and authorities to resolve issues. Representatives of KLM did not respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Gaines said she and her mother never got on board the cruise ship when her mother fell off a hotel bed in Bergen and broke her hip. The accident led to the mother being hospitalized and the couple being stuck in Norway for over three weeks without their belongings.

“I washed clothes every third day because I only bought three days of outfits in the hope that they would find our luggage,” Gaines said.

“I also had to buy new contacts,” she added. “Fortunately, I had my prescription with me on the phone and the pharmacist at the hospital believed me.”

“It was just one disaster after another between lost luggage, not having our things, spending the night waiting for the next plane, the lost connection, and then she falls and breaks her hip,” she said.

Gaines’ difficult attempt to recover her luggage cost her nearly $ 450 and cost her more than 40 hours on the phone.

Her phone bill from June 5 to July 4 was $ 449.18, with $ 366.73 of that number attributed to international use, according to documents seen by Insider. Gaines said she had called several during July and expected a new high phone bill in early August.

“Every day I called on my cell phone and the waiting times were crazy – if you could get through at all,” she said.

“They could only answer certain questions, and a couple of times they just disconnected from me because they did not know the answer,” she said. – They just cut off and then I had to return to the queue.

Gaines said the two returned to Atlanta on Sunday, but that they still have not received their bags back. Air Canada told Gaines that they were delivered to their original destination, Copenhagen, on June 30, but she still does not have an update on when they will be sent back to the United States.

“They know where the bags are,” she said. “They just do not get them to us, call us or give us updates.”

Gaines said she was concerned that the luggage was now stuck in a backlog as the airlines were striving to reunite customers with their lost luggage.

“The frustration is that I feel like I’m doing all the work,” she said. “They just say be patient with us, they come, but they are not proactive.”

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