An UNEXPECTED travel problem can cause major problems for your next trip

An UNEXPECTED travel problem can cause major problems for your next trip

Travel has been a bit in the air lately, if you excuse the pun!

Travel is a bit complicated at the moment

There have been major problems with flying in the US, from lack of pilots to canceled flights. Petrol prices make traveling by car more expensive as well. So you might think that the best way to vacation this summer is Travel abroad. But there are some major problems with it also involving get a passport. So, let’s break down why it can be difficult to get a passport in the United States right now.

First and foremost, passport fees in the United States have gone up, according to the New York Times. From January is a first time pass for adults $ 165including the $ 35 acceptance fee and the cost of a renewed adult pass $ 130. A passport for a minor costs a total $ 135. Each of these prices has gone up $ 20 since 2021.

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But in addition to the higher prices, there has also been one months of delays and a serious lack of personal agreements for passport applicants since the beginning of 2020.

Last-minute options are also becoming more limited. The online booking option for appointments with US Passport Agencies was eliminated in the summer of 2021. This was the only way to get a same-day passport for emergency travel.

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People with travel needs at the last minute must now use long waits on the phone to secure a seat, and you can only book an appointment if you have proof of impending travel within 14 days. The agreement itself must be made within 3 working days after departure. Men eIf you find an appointment in the right time frame, it could be in another city or state.

The options have also been reduced because the services of courier companies (or passport dispatchers) have had the number of applications that they are allowed to handle reduced, which has also caused prices to go up. The number of passes these private companies can handle each day has been cut by as much as 75% and as a result some companies take up to $ 3000 to speed up your passport.

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If you are an applicant taking a more traditional route and applying for a renewal or new passport directly through the US State Department, routine pass service now takes between 8 and 11 weeks. It once took as little as 6 weeks. Rush service costs extra $ 60 and currently running between 5 and 7 weeksWhen before, it would take anywhere from a few days to 3 weeks.

A passport dispatcher said that almost 75% of their customers now choose to speed up their passports, but this creates another problem – these Travelers hoping to avoid a lag just create another.


But fear not! By the end of the year, Travelers may be able to renew their passports online. President Biden signed an executive order in December mandating the creation of one online passport renewal system. However, this system is not up and running yet. Foreign Ministry officials said a nationwide launch is planned before the end of 2022.

An UNEXPECTED travel problem can cause major problems for your next trip

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So, what does this mean for you? Well, for one, DO NOT wait until it is too late to renew or get your passport. If you have a trip on the way, get your passport updated as soon as possible. And remember, this problem can also affect people who keep going cruise! If you are going on a cruise where you are going to stop in another country, you must have a valid passport.

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Hopefully, the online passport renewal system will solve this problem when it comes up and goes. But until then, we would suggest booking an appointment to get a passport as soon as you can.

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