Best benefits for Velma in MultiVersus

Best benefits for Velma in MultiVersus

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In this guide we show you best benefits to Velma in MultiVersus.

In the game you will find two characters from the mystery gang in Scooby Doo: Shaggy & Velma

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However, Velma plays very differently than Shaggy. She is best suited as more of a support player – using her smarts to more advantage.

But don’t think she can do no harm! Velma has pretty solid base attacks.

Looking to add perk here would be beneficial for her to make more of a damage dealer while still maintaining her team-centric set.

Best benefits for Velma in MultiVersus

Source: Video Game Chronicle, 2022

Velma is a support class, so she works best when she keeps her distance and supports her allies.

Although she can deal damage, her strength is harassing the team and creating allies.

With that in mind, here are the best perks to improve Velma and her moves!

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  • Knowledge is power – This is one of Velma’s signature advantages. It gives Velma’s allies 7 gray health for a few seconds when evidence is collected. As a supporter, the evidence gathered can eventually prompt Velma to call the police, this can be an explosive ability to swipe the opponent!
  • Studied – Studied is a signature advantage in the game. This perk will give Velma one proof from the start of the game. This allows her to gather evidence much faster.
  • Death shot – A team-centric perk, it allows the team’s projectile damage by 5%. If your team has an assassin or magician like Tom & Jerry, you can take advantage of this perk. Use their ranged attacks to get the most out of this perk!
  • Shirt Cannon Sniper – Another perk that increases projectile damage by 5%. The advantage works more effectively when they are far away. This goes well with Velma’s kit, as she is more effective when ranged. When you combine this with other perks such as Supportive words, calculated victory and motivational speakeryou will be able to increase the damage even more.

Perks will stack, high rewarding perks can set you up well and with the right duo it will be very difficult for opponents to position themselves.

However, these are recommendations! Play the game yourself and see what works best for you!

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