CLX Set Scarab Gaming PC Review

CLX Set Scarab Gaming PC Review

There are many options for anyone who wants to spend less than $ 1500 on a rig. These beginner gaming PCs provide a good foundation for future upgrades, but also mean you will not miss playing the latest games like Elden Ring in decent settings.

Personally, I think these PCs are often more interesting to check out than your $ 4000 bruiser that will play any game in 4K and beyond. Although they are fun to mess with, the reality is that most people do not have that kind of scratch on their bank accounts. The real challenge for system builders is to provide a solid gaming experience, with the right components, for those without unlimited funds.

Named after the Egyptian god of war, $ 1500 ($ 1494 to be exact) CLX Set gaming PC (opens in new tab) is looking to place at the top of the pack in a crowded field of PCs all looking for space on your desktop. This compact gaming PC gives a good first impression out of the box, but just like the ancient Egyptian gods, they can be fickle gods.

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