Discord voice chat is coming to Xbox

Discord voice chat is coming to Xbox

Discord and Microsoft bring Discord voice calls to Xbox. The feature, now available to Xbox Insiders and coming soon to the rest of us, will allow users to connect to Discord voice chats from Xbox, making it easier to play across platforms.

The process of connecting your Xbox and Discord accounts and starting a voice chat is quite involved. First you need to download the Xbox mobile app, since you are using your phone to transfer Discord calls to an Xbox. Then you need to link your Xbox account to Discord one. If you have connected them before, the instructions say that you must do it again to accept the new voting permissions.

When done, when you want to talk to your Discord gays on Xbox, you can start a conversation on Discord, press the “transfer to Xbox” button, select an Xbox console on the Xbox mobile app, and you’re done. You will also be able to start a transfer from Discord on your desktop or web, and a QR code will appear opening the Xbox mobile app.

Discord and Xbox linking process.
Image: Microsoft

Xbox users will even see a “Try Discord Voice on Xbox” prompt in the “Parties and Chats” section of the Xbox Dashboard. This will include a QR code for the Discord and Xbox mobile apps to connect and set up the two-way link between a Discord account and an Xbox.

Discord voice chat on Xbox works by transferring voice chats from Discord to an Xbox, and is supported on both Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X consoles. This means that you can not directly join Discord calls from an Xbox, and there is no dedicated Discord app on the console. Instead, you always use the mobile app to send calls across, and they integrate into an Xbox Party-like interface.

“While playing on your console, you will be able to see who’s in the conversation and talking,” explains Eric Voreis, Chief Program Manager for Xbox Gaming Experiences and Platforms. “You will also be able to adjust the volume and switch between Discord Voice and Xbox game chat.”

Transfer a Discord call to Xbox.
Image: Discord

Microsoft and Discord will begin rolling out this new integration for select Xbox Insiders today, and it will be expanded to more testers in the coming weeks. It is not clear exactly when all Xbox owners will receive Discord voice chat support, but Microsoft usually tests new Xbox features for a few weeks or months before rolling them out more widely.

We’re still waiting to hear more about Sony’s promised Discord integration for PlayStation. Sony joined Discord last year and also invested an unspecified amount in Discord as a minority investor, weeks after rumors that Microsoft was trying to buy the platform. The only Discord and PlayStation integration that has appeared so far has allowed Discord and PlayStation Network users to connect their accounts, but many hoped to see much deeper integration or a Discord app after Sony promised to “bring the Discord and PlayStation experiences closer together” on console and mobile. “

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