FFVII Remake Intergrade unavailable to some PS5 owners

FFVII Remake Intergrade unavailable to some PS5 owners


Picture: Square Enix / Kotaku

Those with PlayStation Extra or Premium membership eager to follow the events Final Fantasy VII Remakewithout DLC, Break (god, those names) might be unlucky if they got a digital version of the base Final Fantasy VII Remake on PlayStation 4 or 5.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, which packs the base game and Break DLC, was a surprising extension of the 2020 release from Square Enix. It included a separate, new chapter in the revised story of the original. With a focus on Yuffie Kisaragi, this side story helps to bake her character into the story a little more organically, since she was a completely optional and totally missable character in the original 1997 PlayStation release.

If you are a bit of one Final Fantasy VII scholar, you know that there were some other ambitions to include her and the story of her village, Wutai, in the main story of the original release. Since New recording Aiming to refine elements of the old story, it makes sense to see optional characters like Yuffie and the gun-wielding Vincent Valentine serve more important roles in the story. But if you owned a digital copy of New recording on PS4 or PS5 before Intergrade came out, this new story content can be difficult to get on Sony’s subscription service.

Sony’s view of the Game Pass formula a selection of older and more modern games for subscribers have included Straya ton with Assassin’s Creedand the very wonderful Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. But as reported by Video Games Chronicleit’s a bit of a twist: Intergradethe package deal that combines the 2020 remake of the 1997 PlayStation classic is what is available on the subscription service, not Break, the new episode focusing on the character Yuffie. You can not get Break separately on the service. What’s worse is that if you owned the original New recording digitally you can not even download the whole Intergrade combination. In some cases you may not be able to play Intergrade at all, even if purchased, as Kotaku found.

A PlayStation Plus game ad shows a variety of game covers, including Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

Picture: Sony

Kotaku has contacted Square Enix and Sony for comments.

As it says, try to download Intergrade, for users with this difficult situation of having owned the original digitally already, are met with an error message that says:

You cannot purchase this product for the following reasons:
You already own the following products, which are in conflict with the product you are trying to buy: FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

Reddit uses bLinkbruhyen reported his experience and frustration with this complication on r / PS5shares its communication from Square Enix that indicates nothing more than the obvious: If you have Final Fantasy VII Remake digitally, then you do not get Intergrade as part of your PlayStation subscription. A follow-up edit from PlayStation seems to suggest that a change may be on the way, but nothing is certain.

As bLinkbruheyn points out in their post, they are hardly the only ones who have received a digital copy of it New recording when it was free via PlayStation Plus last year. This is reflected by Twitter user LasTedOnEarth, who described the situation as “unfair”.

Twitter user Taz_fortune also does not report access Intergrade via Sony’s subscription service.

While subscription services like Xbox’s Game Pass have more than proven their place in modern games, there are likely to be weird licensing issues and specific rules for specific versions of games. It’s just a shame it had to happen to such a popular one.

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