Former Bison Stoczynski remembered as a player who helped start NDSU’s football dynasty – InForum

Former Bison Stoczynski remembered as a player who helped start NDSU’s football dynasty – InForum

FARGO – The first of nine NCAA Division I FCS national championships had to start somewhere for North Dakota State. There have been stars over the years. And then there was Scott Stoczynski, a defender who perhaps did more off the field for the first national title in 2011 than on it.

Starting as a junior, he took on a reserve role and helped to mark himself as a senior leader.

“Scott was one of those guys who was willing to do anything he could to help Bison win,” said Bison’s defensive line coach Nick Goeser, who joined NDSU in 2010. “I really appreciate those guys. And Scott wanted to. admitted to you, he was never the most talented or dominant guy, but he was willing to do anything he could.Guys like him were one of the main reasons we managed to turn those years from ’09 to ’10 to win a national championship in 2011. He was one of those reasons. “

Unfortunately, former teammates and coaches pay tribute to Stoczynski, who died this weekend in Texas from a car accident. Cole Jirik, president of the Bison Football Players Association, addressed the family on Sunday on behalf of former players.

Stoczynski had 20 tackles, 4.5 for lost yards, 2.5 quarterbacks and a fumbled recovery that championship season. He and defensive end Coulter Boyer were the lone seniors on a defensive line that was young and developing.

Stoczynski’s best season was in 2010 when he as a junior started in all 14 matches and registered 47 tackles and a recovery. That year ended in the FCS quarterfinals in eastern Washington, but NDSU’s first entry into the FCS playoffs set the stage for a series of titles that are still ongoing.

“It was the guys who turned that switch,” said Jirik, Stoczynski’s teammate on the defensive line. “Everything was different, practice was different. That senior class changed this program.”

He became a state trooper with the North Dakota Highway Patrol from 2012-15 and was an adult probation officer in the Chicago area from 2015-17, according to his biography on

He entered the financial world from there and was vice president of First Trust in San Antonio, Texas, for the past three years.

“He touched all the boys on the team,” Jirik said.

That included the coaches. Former Bison assistant Tim Polasek points to Stoczynski’s willingness to be part of the triangle blocking scheme in front of the Bison player. They must be prepared to take on a heavy rush and leave defenders in their tracks.

“His ability and willingness to do anything to help the team,” said Polasek. “I had him on the punt team. He called and was part of that shield, which was not a fun job. “

The funeral plans had not yet been completed on Monday, Jirik said.

“He was loved, he had a lot of friends on both sides of the ball,” Polasek said. «Great teammate. Had the ability to be there for the guys and hold the guys accountable for the standards. “

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