Gaming RDY SLHBG216 Review |  PC player

Gaming RDY SLHBG216 Review | PC player

The $1,500 gaming PC is a competitive area to be in, especially as the price of components has come down to near-normal levels in recent months. There are many people who have persevered in their search for the best gaming PC (opens in a new tab), waiting for prices and inventory to stabilize so they can make a big purchase without worry or guilt. iBuyPower Gaming RDY SLHB216 (opens in a new tab) (rolls right off the tongue) enters this hotly contested category of modest gaming PCs with a build that’s impressive, but not without caveats for the more discerning gamers out there.

Gaming RDY SLHBG216 is not customizable. You can’t choose what kind of processor, graphics card, RAM and storage goes into it. You add it to your cart and it will be shipped to you exactly as listed on the website. Like many other PC builders, iBuyPower lists the average framerate of modern games, including Elden Ring (opens in a new tab), Lost Ark, Fortnite, GTA 5, League of Legends, CS:GO, Call of Duty Warzone and Valorant. It’s a solid list for online multiplayer, though it lacks some single player options there, if that’s your thing.

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