Gigabyte adds support for the Intel 13th gen on the 600 Series motherboards

Gigabyte adds support for the Intel 13th gen on the 600 Series motherboards

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Gigabyte adds support for Intel’s 13th generation of 600 Series motherboards: Gigabyte has easily been among the top three motherboard manufacturers for the past 5 years, providing a unique platform for both AMD and Intel. Allows enthusiasts to squeeze every drop of performance out of some of the most advanced chips on the market.

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It looks like Gigabyte will bring that performance to the 13th generation of Intel CPUs. As Gigabyte announced that it is adding official support to all the motherboards in the LGA 1700 socket 600 series for Intel Raptor Lake CPUs.

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Gigabyte adds support for Intel’s Raptor Lake CPUs to the 600 Series motherboards

Gigabyte announced that support for Intel’s new generation will be available on all Z690, B660 and H610 motherboards. This also includes the DDR4 models, so make sure that those of you who are still running DDR4 are not left out yet.

Gigabyte is among the latest motherboard manufacturers to announce support for Intel’s upcoming Raptor Lake CPUs. The list of companies that have already announced support includes ASUS, ASRock and MSI.

Gigabyte specifically says that support will be added for the “new generation of Intel Core processors”, but we all know what they really mean. Intel’s 13th generation Raptor Lake CPUs are the only thing they can refer to.

What does this mean for the launch of Intel’s 13th generation CPU?

Although a single motherboard manufacturer that adds support for a CPU generation is not a foolproof way to determine a product’s release date, we have a small collection of manufacturers who have pushed the boat out for 13th generation support.

The fact that four major players in the motherboard manufacturing industry are all implementing support within a month in a row suggests that something has been said.

We can speculate all we want, and the truth is that we do not want to know when Intel plans to release Raptor Lake until it is announced. But we can take a look at Intel’s recent behavior and draw some conclusions from it.

Intel’s 13th gen chip turns out to be a much more tame update than Zen 4 promises to be, according to benchmarks. This suggests that Intel may try to force a release before AMD does so to the detriment of sales of AMD’s CPUs.

We observed behavior similar to this when Intel released an unplanned i9-12900KS just weeks before AMD was to debut its 3D V cache with the Ryzen 7 5800X3D.

With all that said, with the motherboard makers adding support for Raptor Lake and Intel’s recent business strategy, we can look at a release date for August / early September for 13th generation CPUs.

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