GM previews 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV and SS model

GM previews 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV and SS model

GM previewed its 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV today, adding the two-row midsize crossover [in a variety of trims, including the SS performance model,] to its growing range of all-electric cars. When it comes to SUVs, the Chevy Blazer has never been the most eye-catching or highest-ranked. But the new Blazer EV can stand out as a solid, affordable electric mid-size SUV in a market filled with () options. The vehicles include an 11.5 kW AC charging module for home charging and charging capacity of up to 190 kilowatts. About 10 minutes of charging will provide up to 78 miles of range.

2024 Blazer EVs take things in a dramatically different direction than older Blazer models, at least in terms of design. The exterior is a bit more aggressive and futuristic than older models of Blazer. The RS model has 21-inch wheels and a black grille and accents, and the SS has a black roof, ultra-thin 22-inch wheels. Depending on the size of the battery pack, the RS has a maximum range of 320 miles, while the SS can drive for 290 miles. The SS model can produce up to 557 horsepower and has a high-performance mode known WOW (Wide Open Watts) mode that can activate 0-60 mph times in less than 4 seconds. Both the RS and SS models have heated front and rear exterior seats (although there is an extra charge on the RS) and a flat-bottomed steering wheel and sculpted valves.

The most bare-bone option of the gang, LT (with two different trim levels), comes with 18-inch wheels and a monochromatic coat. The 2LT delivers an estimated range of 293 miles, while the 1LT can go 247 miles on a single charge.

The vehicles are all equipped with a 17.7-inch diagonal screen and Chevy’s infotainment system. To top it off, the Blazer EV is built on GM’s Ultium EV platform, which in a way acts as a unified battery system for all GM’s electric vehicles. The car manufacturer believes that the use of only one battery – Ultium – for all electric cars will reduce and allow it to easily convert to a fully electric series by 2035.

The new cars will arrive next year: 2LT and RS will debut in the summer of 2023, and are priced at around $ 47,595 and $ 51,995 respectively. SS arrives later next year, starting at $ 65,995. Finally, 1LT will debut sometime in the first quarter of 2024, starting at $ 44,995.

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