GTA Online reacts to the hate, OP Jetbike finally gets nerfed

GTA Online reacts to the hate, OP Jetbike finally gets nerfed

A player rides a jet bike in GTA Online over a black and white background.

Picture: Rockstar Games / Kotaku

Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead. In other words, the player-hated, troll-approved Oppressor Mk. II jetbike in Grand Theft Auto Online has finally become unnerved after nearly half a decade of terror. While many players are happy with the change, others have shared concerns that it has made the expensive vehicle less useful. But it’s hard to hear these complaints over all the cheering online.

Yesterday, Rockstar Games released a major update for GTA Online which improved a long list of issues and added new, highly requested features to the long-running open-world online action game. I personally really liked the update, mainly because it’s now easier to make money and have fun in private lobbies.

But another big change was a serious downgrade of infamous jetbikethe ultimate grief machine. Its missiles are now less accurate and its countermeasures (things like Chaff and Flare) can’t be used as often. The end result is that many players who once spent hours flying around the city killing random players over and over again are already struggling to troll like hard after the update.

The Suppressor Mk. II was added in 2018 as part of the drip feed of content for the then new “After Hours” update. Even before the vehicle was added it created debate and controversy. Before the update was out, data miners discovered the futuristic-looking bike in the game’s files and all hell broke loose online. People were worried that this jet bike – with its accurate missiles, substantial defense systems and high top speed – would be too powerful and would ruin free mode, allowing low-skilled mourners to quickly rack up kills and disrupt normal gameplay.

Today, in 2022, it is clear that the fears many had about the bike were valid, and since 2018 the Oppressor Mk. II has become a running joke among society. Even those who barely play the game or don’t play it at all are often aware of the fear and anger that surrounds this flying motorcycle. In 2019, Rockstar made it harder to quickly spawn a new jetbike if the old one was destroyed, yet Sorrows and Trolls continued to use the vehicle.

GTA Online: After Hours – Pegassi Oppressor MKII

Now, after yesterday’s update and massive Suppressor nerf, players on GTA Online subreddit is (mostly) cheering its demise as the trolling superweapon. In post showing the less accurate missiles and the bike’s deadliness, many players are excited about the idea of ​​fewer of these things being controlled by douchebags in every session they join. Even players who like the Suppressor and use it to paint quests or other non-Troll activities is happy with missile nerf as they are still useful against NPCs, just not that easy to use against actual players.

Plus, now that these PVE players are flying around, people may not immediately think they’re bullshit. Some fans even suggested that they won’t feel so dirty using the jet bike anymore to complete missions.

Of course, as you’d always expect, there are players who think the nerf is bad. Some mention the fact that this is an expensive vehicle and others point it out GTA Online is not meant to be a game about people working together, but an open world where violence is encouraged.

Another interesting counterpoint to this nerf is that some players have reported seeing more jets and other powerful vehicles online now, after the downgrade. However, it should be noted that these vehicles are easier to hit with explosive weapons, so the threat they pose feels more balanced. I saw some players joking around with tanks, a very old tool used by trolls in the early years of GTA Online, may return. Honestly, I’d love it, since running out and fighting a tank was a lot more fun than being randomly taken out by someone who’s spent five years practicing being a badass in an OP jet bike.

In my time in GTA Online since the update i’ve noticed far fewer jet bikes roaming the skies. I haven’t seen any tanks or other powerful replacements fill the power vacuum, but it was nice to drive around Los Santos and not feel like I had a target on my back.

Regardless of how you feel about the nerve, the downgrade to one of the game’s most reviled vehicles is likely to bring major changes to most online sessions. Grief and trolling will never go away, but at least less skilled players who want to ruin other players’ days now have to think outside the box a bit.

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