Hands-on: OneOdio A10 ANC wireless headphones

Hands-on: OneOdio A10 ANC wireless headphones

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Another OneOdio product has landed in the office recently, and this time they have had a second chance at a set of ANC headphones (active noise reduction), OneOdio A10s.

Noise-canceling headphones are extremely competitive product areas, where every company under the sun tries to give the consumer some much-needed silence in these noisy and distracting times.

So, has OneOdio got what it takes to compete, or will they be OneOdio and DoneOdio?

oneodio a10

OneOdio A10 wireless ANC headphones

Frequency response

20Hz – 20kHz


Bluetooth, USB Type-C, 3.5 mm jack

Battery life

Up to 50 hours

Unboxing and setup

The first impression was very positive as OneOdio has significantly improved their unboxing experience.

The box is thick, robust and has a first-class sense of texture. When we open it, we find the A10s placed in a surprisingly expensive carrying case.