Intel Arc Truck with Arc GPU-powered gaming PCs coming to LANFest in Colorado, but will the driver be fast enough?

Intel Arc Truck with Arc GPU-powered gaming PCs coming to LANFest in Colorado, but will the driver be fast enough?

Intel will send a truck, fully equipped with gaming PCs powered by its upcoming Arc GPUs, to LANFest in Colorado, USA, in September.

Intel’s Arc Truck rolls out to LANFest in Colorado, in September – comes with more gaming PCs equipped with Arc GPUs

Intel has dedicated a truck full of Arc GPU-powered gaming PCs to this year’s LANFest In Colorado event in late September. Photos tweeted by Evan Stenger reveals that Tricket is equipped with at least 30 gaming PCs that will allow players to show off their skills and also get a first taste of Intel Arc desktop discrete graphics cards scheduled to be launched in Q3 2022. The truck is definitely part of Intel’s Arc marketing campaign and we will get more information about it soon.

In terms of what Intel Arc Truck has to offer, the PCs will be Intel’s own NUC 12 ‘Dragon Canyon’ systems with 12th generation Alder Lake CPUs and the aforementioned Intel Arc Discrete GPUs for desktops. The NUC 12 Extreme comes with a single x16 (Gen 5) slot, so it’s pretty easy to see that desktop graphics cards will be used instead of the mobility parts that are not rolled out on the market.


The blue team has also entered into a partnership with AOC, SteelSeries and BackForce who will supply the additional equipment such as peripherals, gaming chairs and screens. The company also used brand new marketing banners, including a first look at what may be a brand new Arc graphics card design that we have not seen before.

The Intel Arc Limited Edition graphics card used a completely black color theme, while what is depicted on the banners is a two-tone tone design with a design reminiscent of XFX’s older Double Dissipation card. It’s still a two-track design with at least two power outlets and two fans, but that’s all we can tell from the picture. September also seems to be the best time for Intel to get the Arc GPU drivers ready since NVIDIA and AMD both want the next generation lineup almost ready then. Hopefully, both the Intel Arc truck and Arc GPUs will have working drivers by Q3 2022.

Intel Arc Truck Configuration Credits: CaptGeek):

News source: Videocardz

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