Lakers’ LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Russ Westbrook held a conversation to confirm commitment to each other, per report

Lakers’ LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Russ Westbrook held a conversation to confirm commitment to each other, per report

The Los Angeles Lakers are no closer to replacing star guard Russell Westbrook now than they were at the start of the free agency, and although that may change before the season starts, LA stars are at least preparing for the opportunity to play together again next season. LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Westbrook reportedly had a phone conversation in which the trio “expressed commitment to each other” with hopes of making it work for next season, according to Chris Haynes.

It may sound like Westbrook could become a Laker again next season, but the call was made to ensure that all three players still had the same goal in mind while on a team together, according to Haynes. It was probably also organized to stop all reports that suggested that LeBron and Westbrook’s relationship had been “frosty”, especially after both participated in LA’s Summer League matches in Las Vegas and did not interact once despite facing each other. .

This report is just the latest in what was a turbulent season for the Lakers, which ended in a disappointing way. LA failed to reach the playoffs, or even secure a play-in place, as Westbrook’s fit on the team did not go as planned. Injuries to James and Davis hampered all the chemistry the trio tried to build up, and at the end of the season, Lakers head coach Frank Vogel kicked just two years away from winning a championship.

Darvin Ham was brought in to replace Vogel, and as much as the new head coach has talked about Westbrook being an important piece of the team’s success for next season, the former league MVP has been brought up in trade scenarios all summer. The most prominent trade package sees Westbrook heading east to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for Kyrie Irving, who would be better suited for the Lakers. However, it has been reported on several occasions that the Nets do not want to take on Westbrook’s $ 47 million expiration contract for next season, and will require a third team to get involved if the Lakers want Irving. by Marc Stein.

To top it all off, Westbrook recently separated teams with longtime agent Thad Foucher over irreconcilable differences. Foucher had been Westbrook’s agent since joining the league, saying in a statement that he believes a trade from the Lakers – which may require LA to add more assets to entice teams to take him – “only serves to reduce Russell’s value. “

Without opening any concrete trade routes for the Lakers right now, it only makes sense for the team to prepare for Westbrook being on the team again next season. If so, LA must hope Westbrook can adapt his style of play to fit in better with LeBron and Davis.

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