Pro-Trump Attorney Lin Wood Posts Videos of Himself Shooting Rivals

Pro-Trump Attorney Lin Wood Posts Videos of Himself Shooting Rivals

The aftermath of the 2020 election launched attorney Lin Wood to the top of Trumpworld. Wood, once a famous defamation lawyer, reinvented himself as a tenacious election fraud investigator, trying to prove that Donald Trump had been robbed.

These attempts were unsuccessful, but Wood became a MAGA star regardless. He embraced QAnon, and brought down the house at a far-right convention with his conspiratorial ravings about the British royal family and the Rothschilds. Wood’s plantation in South Carolina became a hub for Trump activists seeking to invalidate the election. Wood rallied his own followers, enraging Republican officials when he urged them not to vote in the Georgia special election over fears of voter fraud.

Two years after the election, however, Wood has broken with almost all of his former allies. He saw satanic symbols in their messages, and released secret audio tapes of their conversations. His former law partners are suing him, and he is facing an investigation by the Georgia Bar. He flirted with the flat-Earth movement.

Now Wood takes his alienation from the right a step further. On Saturday, Wood posted edited footage on social media that showed the lawyer fatally shooting or holding a gun at his political rivals, including MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn.

“Nice!!!” Wood said in a post introducing the videos on social media app Telegram, where he has more than 500,000 followers.

The edited clips, taken from three Clint Eastwood films, were created by “Buck Nasty,” an anonymous Telegram user whose activity closely follows Wood’s various vendettas. Wood insisted in a text message to The Daily Beast that he did not make the videos himself.

In the first clip, taken from Eastwood’s A fistful of dollars, Wood’s face is superimposed over the action star as he faces down an Old West rogues gallery that includes Lindell, Flynn, Senators Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, and members of the election fraud movement who Wood feels have wronged him in some way. In the clip, Wood’s character shoots them all dead.

McConnell and Graham could not be reached for comment.

In the other two videos, taken from films starring Eastwood as the vigilante hero Dirty Harry, Wood-as-Eastwood holds a gun against a criminal edited to look like Flynn. In one, Wood’s character threatens Flynn that he will “blow your head off”.

“They were memes,” Wood wrote in a text message to The Daily Beast. “Do you have a sense of humor?”

“I spend most of my time sharing Jesus Christ with others,” Wood added.

Wood often posts edited videos of him somehow triumphing over his intra-right enemies, though they usually don’t show him outright murdering them. In style, the clips are reminiscent of a controversial video showing Trump massacring his own rivals that was aired at a pro-Trump rally.

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Much of Wood’s fervor in the videos fell on Flynn — perhaps no coincidence, since the retired lieutenant general looms as an adversary for the lawyer. While the two briefly appeared together on the QAnon conference circuit, Wood hit out at Flynn in 2021, releasing audio of the general slamming the conspiracy theory. In their one-sided feud, Wood has taken to calling Flynn “Flim Flam”.

In a June post on Telegram, Wood claimed that more than 70 people had “infiltrated” his home, business and social media accounts “in a variety of guises.” Wood even turned on Kandiss Taylor, the long-shot gubernatorial candidate in Georgia, whose campaign seemed to exist only because of Wood’s support. In Taylor’s case, Wood began to suspect dark symbolism behind the campaign’s use of stars – a common patriotic symbol – in the material. Taylor lost the Republican primary by more than 70 points.

This is not the first time Wood has discussed Republican leaders facing violent targets. In January 2021, days before the Capitol uprising, Wood tweeted that then-Vice President Mike Pence would soon be executed by firing squad.

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