Razer patents wireless charging station headset

Razer patents wireless charging station headset

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Razer is one of the frontrunners when it comes to gaming technology. They make some of the best mice, headsets and other such peripherals for games, all adorned with the classic triple snake.

This is not to say that they have perfected it, and when it comes to headsets, in this particular area, they still have some work to do.

When it comes to gaming headsets, however, there is a gold standard that no one seems to be able to put on, the Astro A50 wireless headset.

One of the reasons for the Astro A50’s enduring popularity (despite a price tag of $ 300 + and only minor revisions since its release over 10 years ago), is the charging dock + mixamp.

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So, while we were curious and looking through patents to get ahead of the game, we were not surprised to see a patent application from the Singapore peripheral giant for a “Wireless Headphone Charging Station” filed in March 2022. This is a pretty solid hints that wireless charging may be available for Razer headsets.

You can read through the patent via Google Patents if you are curious about the ins and outs.

Razer headset patent for charging holder

Usually most headsets are plugged in and dumped on a desktop for charging. This is not an elegant solution for obvious reasons and often leads to the purchase of a headphone stand, which is an expensive solution for tidiness, and little else. This is why an official charging cradle is a big deal.

Razer headset charging holder potential features

There are other interesting things here as well. For example, the exploded view of the patent, which can be seen below, shows that the adapter plate of the charging holder can be removed.

illustration of razer charger exploded

Not only is it detachable, but the charging socket on the board is connected to the motherboard with a detachable cable, not soldered. This means that the charging dock may not only be compatible with the Razer Barracuda headset. (Not named in the patent, but the illustration does not look like any of Razer’s other products.)

Given that the charging cradle appears to have been designed with replaceable adapter plates, this means that there is a good chance that Razer will make adapter plates that fit all of their headsets, as long as the charging port is on the bottom of the earpiece, of course.

At the moment we cannot be sure that the charging cradle will be delivered in different configurations for compatibility with different headsets, or whether you want to buy the adapter plate yourself.

However, with the industry’s current resistance to user repairability, we assume that it will all be sealed, and the aforementioned detachable cable is probably there to make it easier to carry the charger in different SKUs for different headsets.

Apart from this, the charging cradle appears to be powered by USB Type-C and has an additional Type-A port for charging other things. There is also a light on the user-facing side that “can be configured to display light effects (or light effects) based on the battery level of the wireless headset”.

In addition, there is a small part marked ‘170’ that appears to be designed to sit in the headset constantly and can be magnetic, to make it easier to adjust the headset to charge, the butt to have a whole male end of a The protruding USB cable is only asking for scratches or worse damage.

With all that being said, patents are not announcements, which means we may not see a charging holder for razer headsets for a long time. However, we want it sooner rather than later.

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