Save up to 40% on Razer gaming mice at currys right now

Save up to 40% on Razer gaming mice at currys right now

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We love Razer here at WePC, they make some of our favorite keyboards, headsets and yes, our gaming mice.

The only drawback is that they are usually very expensive, some of them can sell for over 150 dollars, which is simply too expensive for most people.

But with a little research and a little shopping around, you can find some Razer mice at deep discounts.

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Luckily for you, dear reader, Currys have decided to cut the prices of Razer gaming mice by up to 40% right now, so you can get some of the best mice out there for a fraction of their regular price.

61M7B24YNEL.  AC SL1500

Razer Viper Ultimate wireless gaming mouse

Size (L x W x H)

126.73 x 57.6 x 37.81 mm

The Razer Viper Ultimate is currently on sale at Currys for just £59.99. This is a ridiculously good price for what is one of the best gaming mice on the market right now.

The Viper ultimate is a lightweight, FPS-optimized and wireless gaming mouse, and it’s our current favourite, managing to take the top spot on our best gaming mouse page.

Our favorite thing about it is the magnetic charging dock/display stand. It’s the best charging solution we’ve come across so far as it’s practical, simple and looks amazing

deathadder v2

Razer DeathAdder V2 X Hyperspeed


Focus+ Optical (PWM 3399)


Medium (127 x 70 x 44 mm)

If you’re after performance and nothing else, the DeathAdder series of gaming mice is where it’s at. They recently revamped this line, further reducing weight and adding wireless functionality.

The DeathAdder goes toe-to-toe with the Logitech G Pro X Superlight as one of the most popular mice for professional esports as well, sitting on the desks of some of the best Valorant CS:GO players out there.

However, it’s only suitable for FPS games, so if you’re an MMO or RTS type of person, we’d recommend something like the Razer Basilisk.

Razer Basilisk

Razer Basilisk V2

Motion detection technology


The Razer Basilisk is among the best ergonomic gaming mice we’ve ever felt. The shape, texture and thumb seat combine to produce a truly comfortable mouse that stays that way even during the longest sessions.

However, it is not only comfortable, it also has fantastic multi-game performance. It’s not quite as light as a true FPS mouse, but it’s still very fast.

In addition, it has a tilted roller wheel for sideways scrolling, which is a great advantage you will never want to go without.

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