Spanish man filmed escape from forest fire treated for serious burns |  Spain

Spanish man filmed escape from forest fire treated for serious burns | Spain

A Spanish man in his 50s is being treated for serious burns after escaping the flames that engulfed his excavator as he tried to fight one of the wildfires raging in the northwestern region of Castilla y León.

Video of the incident, which took place near the town of Tábara in Zamora province on Monday afternoon, shows the vehicle and its driver, Ángel Martín Arjona, is swallowed by the fire and disappears behind the smoke drive.

Seconds later, Arjona emerges from the inferno with her clothes burned to shreds and flames flickering around her back. After stumbling and getting back on his feet, he manages to recover from the fire.

Regional emergency services said Arjona had suffered severe burns. After being treated at a local medical center, he was flown by helicopter to Río Hortega University Hospital in Valladolid.

José Manuel Taba, a family friend, said Arjona was in a serious condition but was conscious and had managed to communicate with his wife early Tuesday.

“He has talked to his wife or gestured to her,” Taba told Reuters. “We have to take things step by step – it’s a very complex situation.”

Another friend, mechanic Juan Lozano, said the fire could have burned everything had it not been for the efforts of “good professionals and people who have the balls to protect us.”

Although temperatures across Spain are falling when the eight-day heat wave ends, dozens of forest fires – many of them still burning – have destroyed nearly 30,000 hectares (75,000 acres) of land around the country.

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On Monday, the regional government of Castilla y León said the body of a 69-year-old man, allegedly a shepherd, had been found in a burnt-out area near the small town of Escober de Tábara in Zamora. The day before, the authorities in the region also confirmed the death of a firefighter, 62-year-old Daniel Gullón Vara.

The fire around Tábara has been brought under control, but others continue to rage nearby, including one around a wind farm. The fire started in Losacio, Zamora, and has caused three people critically injured and seen more than 6,000 people evacuated, authorities said.

During a visit to the southwestern region of Extremadura on Monday morning, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez hailed all those fighting the forest fires, saying the events of recent days were further evidence of the deadly effects of the climate. crisis.

“I want to make something very clear,” he said. “Climate change is killing: they are killing people, as we have seen; it also kills our ecosystem, our biodiversity, and it also destroys the things we as a society hold dear – our homes, our businesses, our livestock. “

Another video taken on Monday showed anxious train passengers trapped between two forest fire lines as it stopped as they were on their way from Madrid to the northwestern city of Ferrol.

Spain’s heatwave: passengers trapped on train surrounded by forest fires – video

“It was really scary to see how fast the fire spread,” Francisco Seoane, who took the video, told the Associated Press. “Just in a moment a new bush began to burn. It was a matter of seconds. It was suddenly night, and we could even smell the smoke. “

Spain’s national railway company, Renfe, said no passengers had been in danger at any time.

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