Stephen Colbert on the Biden Fist Supporting MBS: ‘Boom go the ethics’ |  TV summary late at night

Stephen Colbert on the Biden Fist Supporting MBS: ‘Boom go the ethics’ | TV summary late at night

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert returned from a two-week holiday on Monday night, when Western Europe experienced a record-breaking heat wave. “This is a nightmare for Europeans,” said the Late Show host. “They do not have much air conditioning over there, and how can they cool down? Those swimsuits can’t possibly get smaller! ”

In Britain, residents were preparing for the hottest day on record, and “to stay cool, the guards at Buckingham Palace have grown their hats”, joked Colbert.

In US news, the committee learned on January 6 last week that the Secret Service deleted text messages from January 5 and 6, 2021, after regulators asked them to be handed over. The reason why the messages were deleted has changed several times, from “device replacement program” to “pre-scheduled system migration” and then “the dog ate our phones, our phones go through a tunnel and finally, ‘New phone, who is it?'” Joked Colbert.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden toured the Middle East and met Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, whom Biden once described as a “pariah” for his role in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018. “This should always be a delicate trip because the Crown Prince is notorious,” and I put it delicately here, a killer, ”said Colbert. “But on the other hand, gas is $ 5 per gallon, so …

“It was important that Biden thought a lot about how he would greet MBS,” he continued. Biden chose a fist blow instead of the standard handshake, “and … boom go the ethics,” Colbert said.

Trevor Noah

Did Biden think his fist bump with MBS was less friendly than a handshake?

— The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) July 19, 2022


“It’s funny how President Biden thought it would be better to hit Mohammed bin Salman with his fist because it seems… less friendly than a handshake?” said Trevor Noah on Monday’s Daily Show. “It’s the whitest decision ever. For it is the opposite: handshakes are the most formal way to meet someone.

“Even with your enemy you can be like ‘Hey,'” he continued, miming a handshake.

“Do you know what I really think happened? I think Joe Biden’s team briefed him, and they’re like, ‘Mr President, in Saudi Arabia, if you make them angry, and you’re done, they will chop off your hand, so hide your fingers.’

The moment was especially difficult, Noah explained, because Biden did not say a word when he referred to the Crown Prince during the presidential campaign in 2020. As he said during a presidential debate: “Khashoggi was actually murdered and parted. And I believe in orders from the Crown Prince. There is very little social redemptive value in the current government of Saudi Arabia. We’ll make them pay the price, and make them the pariah they are.

“Class,” said Noah. “How do you go from there to flying all over the world to meet the guy in his palace?”

Seth Meyers

And on Late Night, Seth Meyers also tore Biden for the fist blow with the Crown Prince. “Now I know you did it because you did not want to be seen on his hand, but a fist skin is much worse,” Meyers said. “With a handshake, you can at least think, ‘Well, there are two world leaders, whether you like it or not, but it’s standard enough.’ But a fist blow makes it look as if he just hit a home run in the company’s softball match. “

Meyers then turned to former Trump adviser Steve Bannon’s trial for contempt of Congress, which is set to begin this week after the recent jury election. “I’m sorry, but even if you’ve never heard of Steve Bannon, how could you look at this guy and be fair and impartial,” he said. “Even if I had no idea who he was, I would take a look at him and assume that he had at best been arrested for stealing a seaplane in the Florida Keys or perhaps illegally selling soda on the sidewalk in Times Square.

“Also, if you think to yourself ‘was not Steve Bannon already arrested for another crime?” the answer is yes, he said. “He was accused of defrauding Trump supporters as part of a fraudulent fundraiser to build the wall, and was arrested on a runaway Chinese billionaire’s yacht by the postal service before Trump pardoned him – another series of words that are both insane and largely will be forgotten in history because too much other madness has happened. “

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