‘Strong stench’ from newly built apartment in S. Korea turns out to be human feces in walls

‘Strong stench’ from newly built apartment in S. Korea turns out to be human feces in walls

A resident of a newly built apartment building in South Korea began to notice an odor coming from the master bedroom closet that was getting worse, and later discovered three bags of human feces hidden inside a room in the ceiling.

The apartment building, located in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, was recently built. When new residents began to move in, a “strong stench” was noticed coming from the walls of the master bedroom closet. The resident, who moved into the apartment in May, stated that as the weather got warmer, the smell became stronger.

May 29 asked residents for inspection. On July 2, an official from the construction company inspected various parts of the home, including pipes, floors, walls and ceilings. During investigations, three plastic bags filled with human feces were found hidden inside a room in the ceiling of the master bedroom closet.

“As soon as the employees of the construction company removed the ceiling lamp, a strong smell began to fill the room from that hole. They could not even film or take pictures of the evidence [due to the stench] and left with the bags as soon as possible, the resident said Yonhap News.

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A man who lived next door also stated that he smelled something coming from the closet, and his wife, who is five months pregnant, began to have headaches due to the stench.

Officials believe that construction workers had left their bags full of waste while completing the interior work for the apartment.

The residents stated that they have not received a proper apology and that their requests to have the roof and walls replaced have not yet been answered. They were also told to call a professional company to have deodorizing work done.

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“It has already been 17 days since the bag was discovered, but the construction company says that removing the wallpaper and roof, sterilizing it and spraying liquid detergent is an odor-removing operation. It has been done, but I’m not sure how the construction company did it because the smell is still so strong that it gives me a headache, said the resident.

An official from the construction company stated that they plan to compensate the victims for injuries as soon as possible.

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Function image: Yonhap News

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