Teacher falls to his death while searching for TikTok website

Teacher falls to his death while searching for TikTok website

A special education teacher tragically died after falling 150 feet from a hill while searching for a “secret” infinity pool she saw on TikTok.

While the incident happened in December, the heartbreaking details did not emerge until a Wednesday inquest into her untimely death, North Wales Live reported.

The tragedy happened on December 19, 2021, while Britain’s Victoria Naomi Luck, 47, was hiking with her partner Matthew Radnor and their dog in Snowdonia National Park, Wales, according to the inquest. The site’s infinity pool has racked up nearly 90 million viral video views in a series of TikTok clips.

Luck’s beau had taken her to Snowdonia as an early Christmas present last year after meeting her that summer and “hit it off straight away”.

A mother-of-two was killed in a tragic 150ft fall while searching for a “secret” tourist attraction she had first seen on TikTok. The hidden infinity pool is located on the highest peak in England and Wales.
Wales News Service

The mother-of-two had reportedly been interested in visiting a hidden swimming hole near Llanberis Pass. “I saw the infinity pool on TikTok and showed it to her, she was quite taken with it and thought it looked amazing, so we decided to go,” Radnor explained at the hearing.

Originally built by a farmer in 2016 as a green energy project, the secluded site has since become a tourist attraction, drawing visitors from across the UK, according to Wales Online.

Unfortunately, Radnor and Luck’s pool pilgrimage turned disastrous after the budgies, who had no maps or navigation on their phones, got lost on the infamous Crib Goch ridge while trying to find it, according to the inquest.

“There were no established paths in the area and this was not a known route to go down Crib Goch,” coroner Sarah Riley told the inquest.

At that point, the pair split up, with Luck climbing down a gully, while Radnor decided to descend via a route that was easier on the dog, per NWL.

It was the last time he ever saw his beloved, as several minutes later she plunged 150 feet to her death, ITV reported. Radnor explained that he had heard his girlfriend “shout”, but he did not see the cliff itself.

Fearing the worst, the distraught fellow tried to notify the authorities, but to no avail. “I called 999 on my mobile but the battery died when I was at Mountain Rescue,” who luckily managed to flag down several walkers in the area.

A Coast Guard rescue helicopter then arrived at the scene, whereupon they located and boarded Ms. Luck. However, she sadly succumbed to her injuries before 3pm that day.

“Victoria Naomi Luck died of multiple injuries due to a fall from height,” explained Riley, who attributed her death to “accident.”

Luck’s family have since paid tribute to the late teacher. “Vicky had a large circle of friends and was a mentor to others,” said her father, Gordon Victor Luck. “She always wanted to help others and her home was always open to those who needed her.”

He added: “She will remain and is so very sadly missed by all.”

This is not the first time someone has died while hiking recently. In one of a number of similar incidents, Richard Jacobson, 21, died earlier this year after falling an estimated 400 to 700 feet from a mountaintop in Arizona while taking a photo.

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