The Calgary family demands WestJet refund after “Day From Hell” & missed $ 4K vacation

The Calgary family demands WestJet refund after “Day From Hell” & missed $ 4K vacation

A Calgary family asks WestJet to reimburse them for a $ 4,000 trip after spending a full day traveling, only to find themselves back in Calgary eventually.

April Kendell told Narcity that she was asking WestJet for a full refund after a series of delays led to her family having to cancel the entire holiday.

Kendell had traveled to Deer Lake, Newfoundland from Calgary via Toronto with her partner, two children, her sister and her sister’s boyfriend on July 14.

Kendell said booking the trip had cost around $ 4,000 in total, including $ 3,000 for flights and an additional $ 1,000 for a dog kennel.

She said their original flight to Toronto was to leave Calgary at 7 a.m., but it was canceled. The group was then moved to a later plane, which they boarded at 9 a.m. before spending another two hours on the tarmac.

“While this was happening, I panicked because I knew our connecting flight was only a two-hour break,” she explained.

However, she said that when she told a WestJet employee, she was “assured” that the flight to Deer Lake would be held in Toronto.

“She even did the dismissive wave of causation ‘oh that’s fine,'” Kendell said.

Kendell said that when they took off, her sister paid for WiFi and saw that the Deer Lake plane had not been held.

When the group arrived in Toronto, Kendell said they continued to wait in line for almost six hours to talk to an agent about their lost connecting plane.

“No WestJet employee in Toronto was made aware of what they inherited from Calgary,” Kendell said.

According to Kendall, the group was given the opportunity to wait in Toronto for the next flight to Deer Lake, which was in three days, but she said the airline “refused to pay for a hotel or offer any coupons for food.”

They also looked at flying to Ottawa instead, but Kendall says they were told they would have to pay the price difference “which would have been another $ 1,000.”

“The only way we could get these kids away from Toronto airport without paying extra was to fly straight back to Calgary,” she added.

In a statement to Narcity, WestJet said several flights had been affected after they “experienced significant uncontrollable delays” due to a “breach of third-party infrastructure”, the same day Kendell left.

The airline also tweeted about the power outage.

“We apologize to our affected guests for the unexpected disruption of their trip and understand the frustration involved when the trip does not go as planned,” it said.

“In the event of an uncontrollable flight disruption,” WestJet said in a statement to Narcity that it would receive guests on the next available flight, but they “suggest that affected guests review their travel insurance policy as additional support and coverage may be provided through a third party or credit card used when ordering. “

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