The Celtics were better than the Warriors in the final

The Celtics were better than the Warriors in the final

The Boston Celtics’ NBA Finals loss to the Golden State Warriors in six games this past postseason has understandably weighed heavily on the minds of fans and players since it happened. However, Celtics striker Grant Williams took things to another level when he said he thought Boston was still the better team.

Speaking on Heat Watch’s Duncan Robinson’s podcast, “The Long Shot with Duncan Robinson and Davis Reid,” Williams said, “Today they were the better team… I want to say they were the more disciplined team. I want to say that without a doubt.”

The striker, who averaged 4.2 points, 2.3 rebounds and an assist during his 17 minutes per game that series, pointed to the “movie” where the Celtics had “commanding” leads, opportunities and runs during the games. Ultimately, turnovers and forced shots – which are not exactly the hallmarks of a superior team – would stop all this, and then the Warriors would take advantage.

“The discipline of just doing the right game over and over and over again, we did not play with,” Williams continued.

The Celtics player gave the credit to Steph Curry, whom he called “the best point guard ever”, but then went back to citing self-inflicted mistakes as the cause of the final loss, such as “overconfidence”.

This would be an eyeroll-worthy piece of sound in itself, but it’s even more confusing when you consider that this is, according to Williams himself, the second year something like this has happened. Williams told Robinson that a similar scenario unfolded in the Orlando bubble playoffs, when the Celtics played the Heat and “did not take you seriously as we should have done because we were so” charged “in terms of talent.”

In other words, for the second season of Williams’ career with the Celtics, his team lost despite having a talent advantage over an opponent. Either Boston does not know how to handle the superior talent the organization has on its list, or perhaps Williams needs to reconsider what it means to be talented in a playoff setting. In any case, it seems that talent alone is not enough to win, and finding out what else is needed is a talent his team simply does not have.

NO LATER THAN 7.30 pm: Williams’ timing with his comments could not have set Curry up better for a personal verbal posting. Curry happened to be hosting ESPYS on Wednesday night with Williams in the audience, and after Curry made one page reference to the “discipline” line earlier in the day on Instagram, he really let Williams get it under his monologue.

Curry found common ground with the Los Angeles audience by noting how “there is nothing LA loves more than beating the Celtics.” Wearing a green suit, Curry then recognized Williams among the audience and told him jokingly“It’s great to see you again, my husband! I know you like this color, I’ll let you borrow it after I’m done. I can even let you wear a ring.”

Williams replied with a big smile, and really, what else could he do.

Greg Keraghosian of SFGATE contributed to this report.

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