The family breaks up after Qantas books a 13-month-old girl on a separate flight back to Australia

The family breaks up after Qantas books a 13-month-old girl on a separate flight back to Australia

A young couple was left in Qantas after realizing that the airline had rebooked their 13-month-old daughter on a plane other than theirs in the middle of a family vacation.

Stephan and Andrew Braham said they had to spend 20 hours waiting to fix the problem while traveling through Europe with their daughter.

Their flight home to Australia was canceled, which means they had to be rebooked for another flight. Their daughter was booked for another flight.

“They said they had not done anything wrong because they ordered a ticket for her. At first, they denied any responsibility. It’s Qantas, Braham told Channel 9’s Show today.

“We spent 20 hours 47 minutes and 13 seconds on Qantas’ phone over a 24-hour period, and over 55 separate phone calls, before finally agreeing to book us on new flights home.”

“This is just ridiculous,” remarked a confused Karl Stefanovic.

The family has now been forced to pay for another two weeks’ accommodation in Rome, with their planes pushed back by 12 days.

After almost a full day on the airline’s phone, the trio finally locked in tickets on the same plane.

‘We’re sizzling. I’m meant to be home, ”said Braham.

“Hopefully, in 13 days, we will finally do it. I do not think we will feel safe until we get on that plane and the plane is in the air at this stage. “

In another statement Daily Mail, Qantas said it “sincerely apologizes” to the family. The airline accused an “administrative error” that led to the 13-month-old child being automatically moved to another aircraft.

It undertook to reimburse Brahams for the cost of their extra accommodation.

“Trying to fix this farce”

Another mother took to social media after encountering a similar problem when Qantas booked her and her young child on separate flights.

In a post on Reddit, the woman said that she had been held at the airline’s offshore call center.

“Qantas just ordered my three-year-old on a plane other than me (his mother). Is there any end to their incompetence? ” she said.

“Currently on hold trying to fix this farce.”

The incidents came after unions hit Qantas hard for handing out millions of dollars in bonuses to executives while the airline is plagued by flight cancellations, delays and baggage losses.

In a statement to ASX in June, the company announced that it would reward four executives with shares worth more than $ 4 million despite the ongoing commuter chaos.

The announcement comes as Qantas attracts strong criticism for its flagging performance, which resulted in the aviation analysis website OAG ranking Qantas in 92nd place out of 130 airlines in terms of timely performance.

OAG data show that the national airline had more than one in three flights delayed in June, and more than 7 percent of the flights were canceled in May.

Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers’ Association federal secretary Steve Purvinas said the leaders did not deserve bonuses after Qanta’s poor performance.

“The airline is being destroyed by these people,” he said.

“They should not receive a bonus at all. They should be fired.”

Mr Purvinas blamed the disturbance on the shoulders of the leaders, whom he blamed for the ongoing passenger and staffing issues.

“I spoke to Qantas employees today, and the rage on the store floor is building up for hours,” he said.

“There will be no Qantas if their misrule continues.”

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