Toronto’s Pearson Airport is so unbelievably bad that the New York Times writes about it

Toronto’s Pearson Airport is so unbelievably bad that the New York Times writes about it

It’s bad, and so is Toronto-Pearson International Airport, which has become so unbearable for travelers that one of the most prestigious newspapers in the world just highlighted its hell of a passenger experience.

The New York Times published a piece entitled “Turbulence on the Ground at Toronto’s Pearson Airport” on Saturday, exposing its millions of subscribers in the United States and abroad to the Kafkaesque nightmare of understaffing and bureaucracy that has blocked the flow of Canada’s busiest flights. a maintenance charge since the spring.

As many locals are already all too aware, travelers passing through Pearson have suffered from long queues, delays, cancellations, lost luggage, misplaced pets and just about every possible inconvenience when the understaffed airport struggles through a summer travel wave.

A passenger described their experience to NYT in words that should not come as a surprise to travelers who have been so unlucky to fly out of Pearson in recent months, saying that the airport plays out “almost like a post-apocalyptic movie, just all to itself. “

Tennis star Nick Kyrgios and his girlfriend were recently forced to sleep on the floor at the airport, since not even well-known athletes are spared Pearson’s special taste of travel misery.

And despite the federal government stepping in with plans to ease the backlog and staff shortages deemed responsible for the chaos, the pandemic is once again lifting its ugly head with a new wave, triggering the return of random mandatory testing at Pearson and other Canadian airports. Tuesday.

Fortunately, Toronto is not the only airport designated by the NYT, with similar travel headaches plaguing London Heathrow Airport also announced in a separate article.

While the Pearson Airport article may be discouraging to American travelers who may want to check out the city, the Times also published an article on July 14 entitled “Toronto Steps Into Summer,” which encourages people to visit while they can, before an expected increase in foreign travelers.

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